CFast Clear Aligners

CFast Clear Aligners

CFast braces are made up of a series of clear aligners which only straighten teeth at the front of your mouth, so treatment is extremely discreet and fast! Book a consultation!

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What are CFast Clear Aligners in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire?

CFast braces are a series of clear removable aligners which you wear for 22 hours a day for a two-week period. After this time, you move on to the next aligner in the series. CFast clear braces only treat the upper and lower front 6 teeth that show when we smile.

CFast clear braces are proving to be popular with patients from Market Rasen, Sudbrooke, Nettleham, Gainsborough, Fiskerton, Reepham, Caistor, Welton, Cherry Willingham, Keelby, and throughout Lincolnshire because the treatment time is so fast! Most treatment with CFast braces takes between 4-6 months.

CFast braces are a good option to fix minor cosmetic dental issues as treatment only focuses on the front teeth which are visible when you smile. CFast clear braces can be used to:

  • Space out crowded teeth at the front of your mouth
  • Close gaps between front teeth
  • Straighten crooked or twisted teeth

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What is the process for CFast Clear Aligners?

At your consultation at Wolds Dental Studio in Market Rasen, we will examine your teeth and discuss what you’d like to change about your smile.

We will talk through the benefits of CFast clear braces and whether they are the right form of teeth straightening treatment for you.

We will take photos and images of your teeth using our special CBCT (Cone Beam CT) scan which will help us with the creation and placement of your CFast braces.

Once your custom-made CFast clear braces are ready, we will invite you back to the dental surgery in Market Rasen to show you how to wear your clear aligners and how to change them.

It may feel strange wearing your CFast clear braces at first, but any discomfort will quickly disappear within a few days.

As treatment concentrates only on the teeth at the front of your mouth, you should see results within 4-6 months.

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Affordable dental care – we offer 0% finance and work closely with you to create finance plans which will work to your budget


Comfortable and pain free – we will do all we can to make you relaxed and comfortable. We will listen to you and ensure you are in control


Patient generated care – everything we do is focused on what is right for you and your treatment


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Technology lead – our CBCT scanner enables us to better control your dental implant treatment

CFast Clear Aligners

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What are the benefits of CFast Clear Aligners?

There are many reasons why patients from Nettleham, Welton, Market Rasen, Fiskerton, Cherry Willingham, Keelby, Reepham, Caistor, Gainsborough, Sudbrooke and Lincolnshire are choosing CFast clear braces:

  • The plastic aligners means that CFast clear braces are very discreet and hard to spot
  • Treatment for CFast braces is fast with most patients only wearing braces between 4 and 6 months
  • CFast clear braces are removable so you can take them out to eat, brush your teeth or go out on that special date
  • CFast braces are a good option if you have minor orthodontic flaws and want to update the teeth which show when you smile
  • CFast clear braces are affordable teeth straightening because the treatment time is so short

Frequently Asked Questions about CFast Clear Aligners

Is CFast clear braces suitable for everyone?

CFast braces is suitable for most patients, however if you have problems with your back teeth or if you have severe orthodontic problems, we may suggest that you try another approach to teeth straightening. We will be able to advise you more about this at your consultation when we can assess your teeth in person.

Is there anything I should or shouldn’t do with CFast clear braces?

You should take your aligners out to eat and drink anything other than water to avoid breaking your aligners or staining them. You should clean the aligners with a toothbrush and toothpaste whenever you brush your teeth. You must wear your CFast braces for a minimum of 22 hours a day to ensure effective teeth straightening treatment. Please do not chew gum whilst wearing your aligners.

Is it painful to wear CFast braces?

As with all dental braces, you may notice some pressure on the teeth at the front of your mouth at the start of your treatment and every time that you wear a new set of aligners. This doesn’t last for long and will soon wear off.

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