Whatever your dental treatment requirements, we have a complete choice of high quality private treatments at Wolds Dental Studio to help maintain and make the most of your smile.

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General services

New patient examination (including any X-rays)£115.00
Recall examination£75.00
Implant consultation£157.00 inc. rads & report
IOS (intraoral scanning)£40 (both arches if for study models)
Scaling per 30 min£78
Scaling per 45-1hr+ Complex cases£150
Small X-ray£15.00
Full mouth 2D X-ray£50.00
CBCT ( 3D X-ray) single jaw£124.00
CBCT ( 3D X-ray) both jaws£208.00
Posts and coresFees
Fibre Post and core£130
Indirect Cast P&C£120
£250 (precious metal)
£100 (non precious metal)

Restorative / preventative services

Small single surfacefrom £150.00
Medium sizedfrom £180.00
Largefrom £200.00
CrownsFrom £1100.00
Implant Retained£1300.00
Composite Veneers£400 per tooth
BondingFrom £300 per tooth
Dental Implants£1400.00
Dental Implant with Crown£2800.00
Implant Retained Bridge (per unit)£1100.00
All on 4 Single Arch£9997.00
Both Arches£19995.00
Bone Grafting (depending on area & volume)£810.00
Bone BlockFrom £1500.00
Minor graftingFrom £400.00
Root Canal
Incisors/ single roots£650.00
Premolars 2 canals£850.00
Porcelain bonded to metal

£950 per unit

Maryland/Rochette£750 per unit

Full Ceramic

£850 per unit


Partial acrylic

1-4 teeth £450

4-10 teeth £650


From £765.00

Metal based

From £900.00 to £1350.00 according to complexity

Full upper or Lower

From £950.00

Full upper and lower

From £1500.00

Specialist services

Splint (Michigan or other)£595.00
Wax up£55.00 per tooth


Cfast fixed braces (free first retainer and whitening)

£2250 per jaw

£3500 for both jaws

Fixed Braces Single (Incl. free whitening)


Fixed Braces Both (Incl. free whitening) 


Invisalign Single (Incl. free whitening) 


Invisalign Both (Incl. free whitening) 


Ortho Appliances 



Oral surgery

Removal of tooth£250Any tooth single or multiple
Additional tooth on the same quadrant£150
Up-to 8 teeth same quadrant-each additional£70First one £250, second £150 anything more is £70
Horizontal or distoangular wisdom teeth£350
Expose +/-gold chain£400Additional fee for the gold chain.
Oral Antral Repair£375Use of collagen membrane-additional charge to recover the cost for the dental practice
Soft Tissue Biopsy£300Additional Lab Bill need to be included depending on the lab- Sheffield Lab charges £100.
Intravenous Sedation£400Hourly rate
General Anaesthetic£2000At Thornbury Hospital in Sheffield
 Bone Cyst Removal £600 Biopsy bill to be added


Hair replenishment management and treatments



4 to 8 appointments

3 to 4 visits with PRP

Only 30 minutes per session

Doesn’t require downtime

Cost: £180 per session

With PRP £180 +£250 per session

Will only need 3 to 4 sessions with PRP

Repeat every 6 months, number of sessions can vary

Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthatic Consultation 30 minutesFree
Rejuv refresh facial per session £160
Wrinkle treatment
From £280
From £280
Crows FeetFrom £150
2 areasFrom £280
3 areasFrom £390
Gummy smileFrom £90
Hyperhidrosis (sweaty armpits)From £490
Jaw clenching (not including bite guard)From £490
Migraine “Basic” management £150 – £450
Migraine “Complex” management (includes Bite Guard)£450 – £950
50% payment to be taken on booking.

Top ups within the 2 week review Included in initial fee, after 2 week review will be charged perarea. (Note to staff – when booking appointments, always book 2/52 review).

For best results treatment should be undertaken every 4-6 months.


Lip outline From £250
Lip outline and body.
From £350
Lip outline, body and volumeFrom £390
Heart lipsFrom £420
Nasolabial foldsFrom £320
Tear troughFrom £450
Non surgical rhinoplasty (nose)From £360
CheeksFrom £590
Jaw definitionFrom £590
Chin augmentation From £280
Top ups within 2 weeks may have a charge.
Cutis-lift Skin Treatment (Prices per individual treatment)
Skin tightening £480
Skin mild scars/ pitting reduction treatment£580
Pimple reduction£480
Fine wrinkles reductionFrom £480

50% payment to be taken on booking

Cutis-lift Skin Treatment (Prices Per Package)
Package of 2 treatment in 3 months (to be paid in advance) £780
Package of 3 treatment in 5 months (to be paid in advance)£980

For best results initial treatment should be undertaken every 2 weeks then as and when patient desires

Thread lifting
Nasolabial folds reduction with mild cheek lifting £1200
Skin lifting £1200
Eyebrow lift£450
Chin tightening£450
Top ups within 2 weeks may have a charge
May require more than one treatment or add more threads. Extra Fee applicable.
Bespoke Treatment plan for all patients can be given
Some treatments like jowl reduction may require combination of skin tightening, azzalure for neck and fat dissolving then threading.

Skin tightening and skin smoothening including cellulite reduction can be done on other parts of the body, different cost but yet to be determined.
Thread lifting£ TBC
Skin booster £ TBC
Hair replenishment£ TBC

Missed appointments information

If you fail to attend a private appointment we will charge you the cost of time spent.


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