Dental Sedation

Dental Sedation

If you have dental anxiety or are frightened by the thought of complex dental work, dental sedation could be an option.

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What is Dental Sedation?

If you have a dental anxiety or you are avoiding visiting the dentist because of a certain fear, then dental sedation may help.

At Wolds Dental, we have used dental sedation on many patients from Reepham, Market Rasen, Fiskerton, Gainsborough, Sudbrooke, Cherry Willingham, Nettleham, Welton, Caistor and Keelby and throughout Lincolnshire. Sedation enables our patients to go ahead with their chosen dental treatment without pain, stress or fear.

Dental sedation is beneficial for those patients who:

  • Have a high level of dental anxiety or have a dental phobia
  • Need to have complex or painful dental treatment
  • Have a strong gag reflex
  • Need long or many dental procedures

Dental sedation helps to make you feel relaxed during your appointment. You will not be put to sleep, but you will feel extremely relaxed and less aware of your surroundings which allows your dentist to carry out the agreed dental work or treatment.

At Wolds Dental Studio in Market Rasen, the sedation is administered safely intravenously – through your vein.

What is the process for Dental Sedation?

Before dental sedation

At your initial consultation we will talk you through the process of dental sedation and we will discuss your medical history. We will also talk through what you need to do before having the dental sedation treatment and this includes avoiding eating and drinking 6-8 hours before sedation.

During dental sedation

Once you are ready, our professional sedation dentist will begin the IV treatment in your hand or arm. You will begin to receive the drugs and you will immediately feel relaxed.

You will feel very drowsy and be unaware of what is happening. Your dentist will be able to carry out the dental work without you feeling alarmed or in any pain.

After dental sedation

After the procedure you will feel sleepy for several hours. You will need someone to collect you from the surgery in Market Rasen to take you home. You should avoid driving, strenuous exercise, alcohol and operating machinery in the next 24 hour period.

Why Choose
Wolds Dental for 
Dental Sedation


Affordable dental care – we offer 0% finance and work closely with you to create finance plans which will work to your budget


Comfortable and pain free – we will do all we can to make you relaxed and comfortable. We will listen to you and ensure you are in control


Patient generated care – everything we do is focused on what is right for you and your treatment


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Technology lead – our CBCT scanner enables us to better control your dental implant treatment

Dental Sedation

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What are the benefits of Dental Sedation?

There are many reasons why patients from Gainsborough, Sudbrooke, Cherry Willingham, Nettleham, Welton, Market Rasen, Fiskerton, Keelby, Reepham, Caistor, and throughout Lincolnshire choose to visit Wolds Dental Studio for dental sedation:

  • Dental sedation makes it easier for you to have the dental treatment that you want or need because you feel intense relaxation
  • IV dental sedation works very quickly and means you feel practically no pain during your dental treatment
  • The specialist dentists at Wolds Dental Studio in Market Rasen are fully qualified and experienced to administer dental sedation
  • Sedation is an extremely safe procedure and one that can be easily monitored, and the dosage easily adjusted
  • You won’t remember the process or the dental treatment after the sedation has worn off

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Sedation

Can any dentist treat me for sedation?

No, a dentist needs to have specialist training in dental sedation before they can treat patients.

Is dental sedation safe?

Yes, dental sedation has been used for many years and is an effective way for patients to receive their dental treatment. We take time to talk to you before, during and after the process to ensure that you understand what is happening.

Will I feel anything during dental sedation?

In most cases patients do not feel anything. There is very little experience of pain or discomfort and at the end of the treatment, most patients feel completely relaxed with practically no memory of the treatment.

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