Specialist Dentistry

Specialist Dentistry

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What is specialist dentistry

Specialist dentistry refers to those dental services which require more specialist treatment. Your specialist dentist will have extra qualifications and extra training within certain areas of dentistry.

At Wolds Dental Studio in Market Rasen, we are pleased to offer specialist dental services to our patients from Market Rasen, Gainsborough, Sudbrooke, Fiskerton, Reepham, Cherry Willingham, Nettleham, Welton, Caistor, Keelby and Lincolnshire which means for certain areas of specialist dentistry you won’t need to be referred to another dentist.

Specialist Dentistry

What areas of specialist dentistry is available at Market Rasen, Lincolnshire?

At Wolds Dental Studio in Market Rasen, we are pleased to offer the following specialist dentistry services:


Prosthodontics is the area of dentistry which focuses on re-building natural teeth and replacing missing teeth with prosthetic replacements. This may involve a simple procedure such as making a crown for a damaged tooth, or it could involve more complex work such as replacing a full mouth of missing teeth.

Our team of prosthodontists are knowledgeable in a range of different techniques including bridges, crowns, dentures and dental implants.


Orthodontics is the specialist area of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment for mis-aligned teeth and problems with bite. Most treatment involves using a form of a dental brace. Orthodontists are involved in the more severe cases of teeth correcting problems with teeth and jaws.

Dental Sedation

Sedation is used to calm anxious dental patients or those suffering from a dental phobia to allow them to move forward with their dental treatment. Sedation is a specialised technique where a sedative is administered via an intravenous cannula.

Why Choose
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Specialist Dentistry


Affordable dental care – we offer 0% finance and work closely with you to create finance plans which will work to your budget


Comfortable and pain free – we will do all we can to make you relaxed and comfortable. We will listen to you and ensure you are in control


Patient generated care – everything we do is focused on what is right for you and your treatment

Specialist Dentistry

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What are the benefits of Specialist Dentistry?

There are many reasons why patients in Fiskerton, Reepham, Market Rasen, Sudbrooke, Gainsborough, Welton, Cherry Willingham, Keelby Nettleham, Caistor and Lincolnshire are choosing specialist dentistry treatments at Wolds Dental Studio in Market Rasen.


  • There is no need to be referred to a different dental surgery. Our expert team specialises in different areas of dentistry which are based in one place within Market Rasen.
  • Specialist dentistry means dentists must study for longer and gain more skills in their chosen area. This means the extra knowledge and expertise is passed to you, our patients!
  • Our professional team of specialist dentists are well equipped to deal with routine through to the most complex procedures within their chosen area, so you are guaranteed expert care

Frequently Asked Questions about Specialist Dentistry

How many extra years of training must a specialist dentist have?

This depends on the area of specialist dentistry. An orthodontist and a prosthodontist must complete a further 3 years of study.

How do I get to see a specialist dentist at Wolds Dental Studio?

We all work together as part of a team, so if you are seeing one dentist and they believe that you have a need to see one of our specialist dentists, we can book in an appointment with them directly.

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