Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety

We are understanding about dental anxiety and dental phobias. If you are a nervous patient, we can help with advice and treatment at your pace. We also offer sedation.

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What is Dental Anxiety?

It is natural to be a little bit anxious about going to see the dentist, but for some patients it can be a terrifying experience.

Dental anxiety is the name used for those patients who experience fear, anxiety or stress at the dentist or within a dental setting.

Dental phobia is a severe form of dental anxiety and results in an irrational fear and complete avoidance of going to see the dentist. A dental phobia can lead to a cycle of dental anxiety whereby patients avoid seeing the dentist and then experience serious dental problems which need more complex treatment.

At Wolds Dental Studio in Market Rasen, we have treated many patients from Gainsborough, Sudbrooke, Fiskerton, Reepham, Cherry Willingham, Market Rasen, Nettleham, Welton, Caistor, Keelby and throughout Lincolnshire who are nervous and suffer from dental anxiety or have a dental phobia.

There are many reasons why someone may have a dental anxiety or a dental phobia including:

  • A previous bad experience at a dentist
  • Suffering from general anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress
  • A traumatic experience including abuse
  • Fear of loss of control
  • Issues with trust
  • Suffering with other associated phobias such as claustrophobia, agoraphobia or obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Embarrassment about your teeth or oral health

How are patients with a Dental Anxiety treated at Wolds Dental?

At Wolds Dental Studio in Market Rasen, we take dental anxieties and dental phobias seriously. Our team are extremely kind and sympathetic, and we have had training to help anxious patients.

Listening to you

We have a calm environment in Market Rasen, and we suggest initially just coming in to talk to us. We won’t even examine your mouth; we can simply talk with you about your anxieties. We can offer a tour of the dental surgery which may help you to feel more in control and at ease.

Go at your pace

We won’t rush you into any kind of dental treatment or examination, we will talk with you until you feel ready and comfortable for the next step, and we will always stop when you want us to.

Empowering you

We know that some dental anxieties are caused or made worse by a feeling of lack of control, we help to empower you by giving you a tour of the dental surgery so that you can see what is happening and meet some of the team.

Once you feel ready for a dental examination and treatment, we can talk you through what is happening at all times so that you feel more in control.


Some patients find that listening to music or watching a film or TV is a welcome distraction.

Coping strategies

Other patients throughout Lincolnshire have found strategies such as deep breathing, meditation or hypnosis a useful way to cope with dental anxiety or dental phobia. We can talk to you more about this.

Dental sedation

At Wolds Dental Studio in Market Rasen, we offer dental sedation for those patients who are unable to cope with their dental anxiety but want to go ahead with dental treatment. Dental sedation will put you into a profound state of relaxation where you are still awake, but on the verge of sleep. You feel so relaxed, that you are comfortable with having the agreed dental treatment.

Dental local anaesthetic

A local anaesthetic is given to numb the area of your mouth so that you don’t experience any pain during certain dental work. Dental anaesthetic can be given for treatments such as a filling, dental crown, dental extraction, root canal or dental implants. A dental anaesthetic is offered to all patients during these treatments but is helpful if you a nervous or worried about experiencing pain.

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Dental Anxiety


Affordable dental care – we offer 0% finance and work closely with you to create finance plans which will work to your budget


Comfortable and pain free – we will do all we can to make you relaxed and comfortable. We will listen to you and ensure you are in control


Patient generated care – everything we do is focused on what is right for you and your treatment


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Dental Anxiety

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What are the treatment for Dental Anxiety?

There are many reasons why patients from Nettleham, Welton, Market Rasen, Fiskerton, Cherry Willingham, Keelby, Reepham, Caistor, Sudbrooke, Gainsborough and Lincolnshire are choosing to visit Wolds Dental Studio for dental treatment with anxieties:

  • The team at Wolds Dental Studio are kind and understanding to nervous patients and we will only ever go at your pace
  • Our experienced dentists are well-trained in dental anxiety and dental phobia they are highly qualified and trained to administer dental sedation and local anaesthetic
  • We can help you break the cycle of dental anxiety by getting you the dental treatment that you need and deserve and helping you to manage your anxiety

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Anxiety

How can I prepare myself for a visit to the dentist when I’m scared?

Talk to us. You can arrange to come in for a consultation without having any dental treatment to begin with.

Once you feel ready for an examination or treatment, we suggest booking an early morning appointment so that you don’t have to wait all day. Try breathing deeply and feel free to bring in some music to listen to or a screen to watch something which can help. Our dentists are very understanding and so you can tell them how you are feeling, and they will put you at ease.

How can you help my child who is anxious about visiting the dentist?

We use a positive approach with children with lots of praise and rewards to try and put them at their ease.

What happens if I feel too terrified to visit the dentist?

Please don’t stop visiting your dentist. It becomes more problematic if you develop dental issues which are left untreated. Keep talking to us even if it is just on the phone so that we can provide support and guidance to getting you the dental treatment that you need.

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