A Bright and Beautiful Smile is the deepest desire of both teenager and grown-ups. But we all are not that fortunate to be blessed by that beauty, however thankfully we have options that can help you in getting it back artificially. All you need to do is spend few bucks and get your teeth whiter and straight just in few days. If you are looking for Straight teeth in Lincolnshire, a little bit of googling can help you to reach your desired outcome.

Need of Teeth Straightening:

Bunching, overlapping, displacement in a different direction is the major reason for your crooked teeth. If the condition is not that severe, your teeth can easily be cured with the use of retainers. Retainers work best with the kids. Apart from that, in a case of any surgery or any method of teeth aligning, retainers are widely used to hold the teeth in position. However, you can also take help from braces or Invisalign. Both works effectively both for teens as well as adults.

If you are a teen, or parent of a teen and going through the problem of crooked teeth, retainers, braces, and Invisalign can surely be a boon for you.

Teeth Straightening Methods:

With Braces –
If your teeth need an alignment, it is your orthodontist or dentist you can prescribe you braces that are suitable for your teeth. There are lots of option available in the market these days like – bands, wires or other easy to remove appliances. There are several types of braces like – Brackets, Orthodontic bands, Spacer, Arch wires, Ties, Buccal tube, Ligatures, Springs, Facebow, Headgear, it is your dentist who will guide you through the proper one of your needs.

With Retainers –

After you are done with your braces, it is the retainers that you need for any further protection. Retainers are made up of wire, plastics, solid plastics that are quite comfortable to wear. However, while starting it is normal to experience sore, swell and similar other temporary discomforts. But with time, it will be easy for you and you will receive the best result out of it.

If you are worried by the issue that for how long you have to wear your retainers? It is totally dependent upon the condition of your teeth and your dentist is the best person you can trust in this matter.

Retainers can be classified into Removable and Permanent Retainers. There are different types of removable retainers available like –

1. Hawley Retainers – it is made up of thick plastics covering the roof of your mouth. The bow arch around the front side maintaining the alignment of your teeth.

2. Clear Retainers – they are of the same functionality but are less durable in compared to the previous one. However, as they are made of transparent material, they are less visible giving the natural look to the teeth

3. Permanent retainers – as the name suggest, they are permanently attached to the teeth. These are normally bonded to the back side of the front teeth.

With Invisalign –

Invisalign is the newbie who will remain invisible and work with utmost perfection. They are made up of smooth plastics that are highly comfortable and easy to wear. For a well-customized configuration, your dentist will create a 3D image of your teeth and set the Invisalign accordingly.

Comparison: Braces VS Invisalign

Now, we will do a comparative study between braces and Invisalign so that you can check which one of the above is best for your needs.


Color Comparison:

Braces are metallic and hence are more or less silver in color. However you can get colorless by paying extra. Whereas, Invisalign are invisible or are of watercolor.

Treatment duration –

Braces take more time. Generally it is a 24X7 wearing compulsion for at least 2 years. Invisalign, on the other hand, is advised to wear for 24X7 for 6 -18 months. However the treatment time varies widely depending upon the teeth condition of the patient under consideration.

Maintenance tips:

In the case of braces, you have to brush it on a regular basis. It needs the care that you generally provide for your original teeth. Invisalign doesn’t need mush care, you just need to clean it with lukewarm water. However in both method of treatments, you need to see a dentist every other month.

Retainer needs:

As it is already mentioned for braces your need retained after you take off your brace. But for Invisalign, you need retainer only at night.

If “metal mouth” was your nickname in your early childhood days and your child is about to face the same in his school, teeth straightening treatments are best for you. They are 100% safe with little or no side effects and hence can be used for kids, teens as well as adults.