Hello and welcome to this latest post. I shall discuss here how minimally invasive (no drilling) cosmetic smile enhancements could be achieved. This revolutionary technique of improving the position; colour and/or the shape of teeth could produce stunning improvements without the need for drilling or sacrificing enamel; and obviously no injections.

The trend nowadays is veering towards cosmetic enhancements of mild and moderate teeth crowding coupled with colour enhancements by cosmetic teeth straightening and whitening and /or bonding. Teeth positions could be improved; crowding could be resolved and whitening or bonding are used to improve colour.

If Cosmetic teeth straightening: This is a revolutionary technique used for adults and older teenagers to straighten crowded teeth using either Clear Braces or Tooth Coloured Brackets and wires; in most cases; the teeth are straightened in less than 6 months and no extractions are required.

Bonding: After straightening the teeth; bonding could be performed; this is a technique involves the application of a white resin material to the surface of the smile teeth; and crafting it to improve the colour, texture and form of the teeth with the aim of enhancing the smile. No enamel is removed and no injections are given. A naturally beautiful smile could be created for you.

Whitening: If the tooth form and texture are acceptable; then teeth whitening is performed to enhance the colour of the straightened teeth.

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