You have probably heard of implant supported teeth before; in fact we have blogged about it on this website in an earlier post. But you may not have come across the term Fixed Teeth in One Day.

Implant supported teeth function just like natural teeth, and are just as easy to look after as normal teeth (i.e. with brushing and flossing is the same process you would use with your own teeth).

Now dental implants can be relatively expensive, but a newly developed technique can provide fully functional teeth the very same day the initial implant surgery takes place, and thus the cost of such a procedure has been significantly reduced. We call this technique ‘Fixed Teeth in One Day’ since you benefit from having your teeth fixed in one day.
Our Fixed Teeth in One Day procedure allows for fully normal mouth and jaw function. This process permanently replaces missing teeth and even lost gum tissue, and can even restore support to the structural members of the face, helping maintain a younger looking appearance whilst improving the functionality of the mouth at the same time.

Such benefits from our Fixed Teeth in One Day procedure includes:

Being able to eat hard or crunchy food types (especially fruit and vegetables)
Being able to eat chewy food types
Laughing, kissing, and increased confidence when speaking and smiling

Fixed Teeth in One Day: Modern Tooth Replacement Technology

We would not be overstating the truth to say that such techniques as our Fixed Teeth in One Day procedure are revolutionising the dental world. Such procedures have dramatically improved people’s lives for the better, particularly of those people who have maybe lost all their natural teeth. Such recipients now enjoy a solution that is totally comfortable, very secure and far more reliable than removable dentures and the like. Fixed Teeth in One Day also combats the loss of jawbone and gum density that typically follows natural tooth loss.

Our Fixed Teeth in One Day procedure helps stabilise and even stimulates the jawbone locally, causing it to maintain its strength and structure, something removable dentures cannot do. In actual fact, removable dentures often encourage jawbone deterioration, another great reason to get your Fixed Teeth in One Day.

How Does Fixed Teeth in One Day work?

The root of a missing tooth is simply replaced with a small screw-like post, normally made from titanium, which has the ability to chemically fuse to the gum, helping it bed fully into place and giving a completely secure and reliable fixing point. Once these implants are in place, fixed bridges are then attached and immediately the look and feel of fully natural teeth is achieved, all in the very same day – hence Fixed Teeth in One Day!

With our modern dental technology, a full set of upper, or lower teeth, can be supported on as little as four implants, giving a full arch of non-removable replacement teeth, all of which can be achieved in just one day.

The Key to Success

Once you’ve benefitted from our Fixed Teeth in One Day treatment, the next 6 to 8 weeks following treatment should see your diet excluding all kinds of hard or crunchy foods. This gives the implants time enough to fully integrate into the gum and for the healing process to complete in full.

Fixed Teeth in One Day is above all else the most cost effective and efficient way to replace missing teeth in a permanent format. Compared to individual implants for each tooth, the minimum number of implants required with this process makes it a sure winner.

If you would like a consultation for Fixed Teeth in One Day, simply click the Free Consultation button on this page and book yourself into our Dental Studio today.