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Invisible Braces – How to Secretly Straighten Your Teeth
15th January 2015
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2nd March 2015

cosmetic fixed bracesIn this article, we’re writing a little just to help explain about the difference between cosmetic fixed braces and invisible braces, which we featured in this earlier blog post Invisible Braces – How to Secretly Straighten Your Teeth

Cosmetic fixed braces differ from invisible braces in that, whilst invisible braces sit over the teeth and can’t easily be seen, cosmetic braces work more or less like traditional braces, fixing to the front of the teeth but without the unsightly metal brackets and wires.

In cases where clear braces are unsuitable, fixed cosmetic braces provide a convenient, fast and predictable way for straightening the teeth without extractions.

With clear brackets and white veneered wires the cosmetic braces are still far less noticeable than normal metal braces, blending in with the surrounding teeth.

Treatment time ranges from as little as 12 weeks to one year, vs 6 months to two years with invisible braces, although more complex cases can sometimes require subsequent treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Fixed Braces

Do Cosmetic Fixed Braces hurt?

It is usual for the teeth to be uncomfortable for the first few days after the cosmetic brace is first fitted – stay with a soft diet and if necessary take one or two tablets of paracetamol or ibuprofen

How Do I Clean My Teeth?

Since the cosmetic brace is fixed you cannot remove it for brushing. It is extremely important to spend extra time brushing all around the brace and especially the gums. If the dirt builds up then your gums will bleed a lot (gingivitis) and your teeth will decay. Special brushes and fluoride mouthwashes for daily use can usually be obtained from the receptionist of our dental surgery.

Can I still play sports with Cosmetic fixed braces?

Yes although contact sports such as rugby can present a problem since it is difficult to make a gum shield that will fit over the brace. A reasonable solution is to buy a cheap gumshield from a sports shop which can be softened in hot water and
moulded over the brace.

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