Smiles Gallery

Below you’ll see several examples of before and after photos from patients who have recently undergone procedures at Wolds Dental Studio. You can click each image to view larger version.

Cosmetic Dentistry has changed the lives of many patients; it made them more confident and a lot happier. With the application of simple techniques; your smile could be transformed to the better. Your confidence and self esteem would be very high and you would be the envy of others.

Brace beforebrace after

This case illustrates how dramatic changes could be achieved with No-Prep Veneers. No enamel is removed from the teeth at all, veneers are applied to effect dramatic changes without injections or drilling.


This patient came to us after breaking some teeth and not happy with her denture, The treatment was planned, remaining teeth extracted and dental implants placed and a fixed bridge fitted in one day. Restoring function, smile and most of all..confidence.


This patient came to see us after breaking his teeth in an accident, teeth were restored with ceramic crowns improving his smile immensely.

Metal Free Ceramic Crowns-beforeMetal Free Ceramic Crowns-after

This patient had a mixture of cosmetic teeth straightening and veneers…and confidence restored

cosmetic teeth-beforecosmetic teeth-after

Confidence to smile restored after just 6 months of treatment.

Cosmetic fixed braces-beforeCosmetic fixed braces-after

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