Dental Clinic or Kindergarten… Which is a more Panic Room for your Child? In my case, it was the former one until I tracked out few solutions. Dental phobia is quite common among children. And in some cases, it maintains its presence throughout life.

Adults having a fear of dentists are treated with mild dental sedation. If you start to encourage your child about dentistry at an early age I am sure he will overcome the phobia in his teens or in later years. So, today I will advise how can you avoid making it go worse with few interesting approach.

  1. Start Early

    A regular oral health check up is appreciated when your child is around 6-8 months. It is the time when the first tooth peeps in. This can be a real friendly interaction between your child and the dentist. In some dental clinic, you can be asked to hold your child in sit in the dental chair for an overall checkup while some other prefers parents to wait at the reception.

    However, I think the later one is a better option as it strengthen the bond. You can schedule a dental check-up after every six months for a proper oral health care for your child.

  2. Simple Interaction

    It is for the first time, try to keep the process easy and simple. Don’t try to mention every detail of the treatment. You can simply inform him it as a general visit (like his friend’s place). If you think he needs any tooth extraction, don’t lie telling “Everything will be fine” OR “You will not get hurt” OR “There is nothing to worry about”. You can just end it saying that he needs a normal treatment for a HEALTHY and STRONG teeth. Your lie can end up in your child’s trust in you.

  3. Watch What You Say

    It is very important to choose words in front of your child. It is better to avoid words like HURT, PAIN, etc. It will increase the dental anxiety and cause an unnecessary dentalphobia. Normally Dental Clinics have trained staff with practiced Vocabulary, so allow them to introduce their own set of words and ease the situation. However if you want to give them an idea, you can tell your child that the dentist will see their beautiful smile and count their teeth. It is better to introduce positive statements like Strong and Healthy teeth will help them to eat faster than their friends and brothers or sisters. You can ask your elder one to encourage him too with convincing words.

  4. Play Game of Pretending Visit

    You, your husband or your elder child can pretend to play with your little one. Just be the doctor and make him the patient. Just show the teeth counting like 1, 2, 3 … or A, B, C … Don’t add any noise or instrument. Next just ask your child to brush properly and gift him a Toothbrush. This will encourage him and boost his energy for a dental check-up.

  5. Stop to Relate

    Never take your child for any dental check up of yours to give them an idea of the same. You may turn out to have dentophobia and end up with mild dental sedation. This can give your child the worst ever experience and he too will develop the fear of dentistry. It is also better to avoid telling stories and your personal experience of the root canal, dental implant etc.

  6. Tantrum Game

    It is very normal for your child to show tantrum when it comes to experience any examination by a stranger. You must not indulge his whine and wiggle. Let the dental care professionals help him. You can just hold his hands to make him sure that you are with him.

  7. No Bribery, PLEASE

    It is very common for parents to promise a box of chocolate or colour pens to behave well and not create any fuss during their dental treatment. But it never helps, as it only boost their apprehension. Rather you can praise your child for good behavior and strong attitude after he is done with his tooth uprooting.

  8. Be Strict

    Make it very clear that your child has no other option than to visit a dentist. It is just like an everyday routine for him. You can inform him of the importance of strong teeth, healthy gum and oral health care.

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